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Welcome to our site! Feel free to browse. If you have any questions don't be afraid to reach out.

We're a small shop in little, homely Coon Rapids, Iowa. We make handmade, all natural bath and body products. From soaps to lotions, even pain relief creams, we do it all.

If you're bored of that old coffee bar or even want to upgrade those worn out kitchen cabinets we do custom paint jobs too. Just come on in and we'll help you pick the perfect color and send you a price.

Our building is currently under construction for expanding with plans to start a candy/dessert shop. So keep an eye out for some scrumptious treats. 

Who we are


Interested in our classes? Take a look at our schedule and see what we currently have planned.

Candy Shop

We have lots of plans for our new candy shop addition. Keep an eye out for them!!

Meditation Room

Needing a few minutes of alone time to relax and ground yourself? See if we have any openings for our meditation room.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop!


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Our handmade products are all natural with only the best ingredients for our customers! 


"Their Pain Relief lotion is AMAZING! They are always so helpful and have great prices. Highly recommend them."

- Jean Michalski Uhlenkamp

"Love our handmade soaps! :) Will definitely be back for more! Very friendly and informative! Cute selection of vintage finds too! 😁"

- Lisa Rasmussen

Thank you for supporting us!

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Our goal is to help crafters and artist come together in our local community to help display and sell their creations.




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T : 1-712-999-6282

408 Main Street 

Coon Rapids, IA 50058

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